Total Capacity: 



  • Large rucksack for extended day missions

  • Constructed in civilian and military colors depending on mission set

  • Drawstring top enclosure with lid for top loading

  • Front zipper fully fillets open for easy access to pack contents

  • Dual side zip pockets for water bottles or accessories

  • Internal metal frame constructed of there metal stays for pack rigidity

  • Lightweight and Ergonomic design for ease of carry

  • Removeable top hood with zip pocket storage

  • Side compression straps






Elevation Ruck

  • Resilience Tactical has created a series of packs for non-conventional Military operations.  These packs are designed for covert ops when the intent is to have a more "Civilian Style" bag.  The products in this line-up can be purchased in Military and non-Military colors.  They also feature a lack of MOLLE and other Military style features.  Our Slick Series is built just like the remainder of our packs - Made in the USA, Components Sourced in the USA and Berry Compliant.

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